Mulu’s Latest Visit

Mulu took a trip to Ethiopia recently and thought we would share with you all the good things that took place during her stay.  Mulu was in Ethiopia from the 7th of April to the 4th of May. She got a chance to see our work at Life Center (the orphan and widow care ministry) in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. She also held important meetings at the office and new staff were hired to strengthen our mission.

Life Center has opened a new center of orphan and widow care. 

We opened the new center with 21 orphans in partnership with brother Peter Foster who sponsored 20 out of the 21 orphans. Life Center is helping them by providing money for their schooling, food, cloth, and medication. We also distributed donations of new clothes and shoes for the children. The community was very grateful, and the hope of Jesus is looming in that poor, small, rural town.

Digging wells in Sekota

We recently took on a new project to dig wells for drinking water in the small town called Sekota which is about 690 km North of the capital where we opened the new center. In this town 30,000 people live without clean water everyday. The town is highly impoverished and is not reached when it comes to the Gospel. Our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in South Dakota have been willing to help the project financially. We are praying for more help to come for this particular project and also for the expansion of the new center to be able to serve more orphans and widows. We are so grateful for the donation we received already and the blessings of our Lord will be to the friends and their families. We believe Life Center will take Lord Jesus to the people of Sekota.


We are grateful for Horizon International for working with us in Ethiopia for the past 3 years and counting. We also are thankful for Gemach Project who is partnering to help the widows by providing money for the interest free loan which a given to help them start small businesses

New Partnership

Life Center has recently established partnership with a non-profit called Encircle that serves the poorest of the poor in over 120 countries with a vision of Revolution of Love. We believe it will help us reach out to more widows and orphans and bring them closer to the love of Jesus.

Come visit!

Please come and visit Life Center in Ethiopia. Share your love and compassion with our orphans and widows. Your Life will be transformed as ours have been.

Mulu will be traveling to Ethiopia in mid July. We will have visitors from Horizon International from July 22 through July 29th.  We are so grateful that they are coming to Ethiopia to serve our lord and the community. We hope that you will keep Mulu and the work she’ll be doing in your prayers.

Thank you

We would like to thank all of you for your support with Life Center Ethiopia, you’ve all been a blessing financially and with all of your prayers.

“Pure and genuine religion in the the sight of God is caring for orphans and widows.” James 1:27


Widows in Life Transformation

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