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Life Center is an Orphan and Widow care ministry located in Ethiopia and the United States. One of our visions is to help the widows and change their lives. We were established in 2013, since then 24 widows have participated in our small business program in which we grant Widows interest free loans. How it works is we release the funds to the widows and they have 2 years to repay in full, Although majority of our Widows pay the loan back in less than a year. The loans help them start a small business to earn income independently. We see a dramatic change in their financial stability, as well as their overall well being. We offer basic skill training that gives them knowledge on how to run their business and be successful. We currently have 6 widows that have participated in sewing training and have gained certifications. Since their graduation Life Center was gifted money to purchase three sewing machines that are now available to the widows at our Life Center office in Ethiopia. We are so grateful to the people who have helped us financially along with their encouragement and prayers. We invited all who are interested to help orphans and widows.

Life Center P.O. Box: 2213 Littleton, CO 80161 | info@lifecenterethiopia.org